Is my ceiling light dimmable?

Hello! I have a room with 3 switches, 1 controlling the ceiling fan (dumb switch), 1 controlling the lights in the ceiling fan, and 1 controlling a socket (dumb switch). I would like to dim the ceiling lights, but they were previously in an on and off configuration. Is it safe to turn on the dimming functionality to test if it works? If not is there a way to test if the light fixture (not the fan) is dimmable?

The best way to tell is to research the specs of the fan light and fixture?

Does the fan have a built-in light or replaceable bulbs? Same thing for the fixture? Post model numbers please.

I know for a fact the bulbs are dimmable. The fixture I’m unsure of since it came with the house. I’ll have to try and find a model number on it.

If the bulbs in the fan are dimmable, since they are controlled by their own switch separate of the fan motor, you ought to be able to switch to the dimming mode for the fan lights.

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I discussed this with an electrician. I was told that if the bulbs are dimmable that they should be dimmable via the switch since the light and fan was separated out and that If dimming worked then it shouldn’t be an issue. I turned on dimming and the lights dimmed perfectly well so it seems like this fixture is supported!