Is the supplied Neutral wire Copper or alluminum?

Does anybody know if the Neutral wire that comes red dimmer switches is aluminum or copper? If it is aluminum, would there be any consequences with pig tailing it with copper neutral wire?

Thanks for your help

It seems to be stranded copper with tinning on the tip. You generally do not want to mix copper and aluminum wiring.

All of the switches use screw terminals rather than pig tail wires. The one exception currently is the LZW36’s fan canopy module uses copper pigtail wires, but the switch itself is still screw terminals. The neutral wire they provide with the switch to go to a wire nut if necessary is a braided wire that is soldered to keep it together but you could just cut a chunk off some spare 14/2 if you prefer.

Do you happen to know if the neutral wire they provided is aluminum or copper? It’s silver but not sure if it is tinned copper not aluminum.

@gdinh89 - It should be copper. I don’t think NEC would allow for aluminum (except for main line coming from street or to subpanels). I can go cut one to verify…I stopped using the provided WHT wire because I needed longer pieces.

Edit: Also, it’s not uncommon for the wires to be “tinned”.

According to this … its tinned bare copper. Found that based on the info stamped on the side of one of the pigtails that I have, so take it for what it’s worth.

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Great question - the interior of the jumper wire is copper, but it’s wrapped with nickel



That’s exactly what I do; I have 50ft of 14/2 that I don’t mind cutting a few inches from. Stranded wire doesn’t play well with my Wago 773 push-nuts; they really want solid wire. And these days it feels painful to even think about using wire nuts—they waste so much space in the j-box. Seriously, once you go Wago you’ll never go back. They’re almost as addictive as Inovelli switches.

I’ll have to look into these for the next house. Maybe Inovelli can get a Wago incentive to throw in the box…

Can I just say that there is nothing more aggravating than trying to wrap a tinned conductor around a neutral bundle. Cut your own pigtail. :blush:

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I will stay with wire nuts. I’m not a fan of push in / level lock connectors in my home. I’ve seen more than one push in receptacle fail.

We used the Wago connectors in one of our labs. They worked OK but I never looked at them as permanent.

Regarding aluminum. Nobody here should be running into aluminum wire. If you do please stop and seek the help of a licensed electrician.