Is there a reason to buy a repeater vs. a outlet?

Ok… Might come across as a dumb noob here… But hey, ya never learn if you don’t ask.

So I know that all mains powered zwave devices are supposed to all also act as repeaters…

Is there some reason I’m missing that I’d buy a $34 700 series repeater forexample:.

As opposed to a $25 700 series switched outlet… Which doesn’t block my outlet… Even if I never use the zwave switch and just leave it on do I have…ya know… My outlet… For example:

Is it all marketing? Gotta imagine they both have the same SiLabs soc inside like everyone else? Antenna maybe? Any possibly difference there? Would imagine for $25 OR $32 everyone uses the identical SiLabs reference design for a printed PCB antenna too… Because your outsourced Xerox-machine designers probably can’t do much else for even $32 a device.

What am I missing???

The plug-in repeater is certainly more convenient.

There’s not really any difference.

If I were to buy just a range extender, I’d probably pick up the ring gen 2 range extender. It has a battery backup, and (at least in home assistant and hubitat) can be used to detect power outages at home. Aside from that use-case, I’d just get the plugs.

That’s actually a really handy feature! My home assistant runs on a UPS, as does my networking gear, but there definitely are some battery powered sensors in the house that route through light switches with no backup.

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IME dedicated zwave repeaters are pointless if you already have a healthy mesh. I have a Hubitat H7 and was having tons of zwave issues; slow, laggy, etc. It was really bad. I tried adding four Aeotec repeater 7’s. Even after weeks/months in the mesh, none of the 4 repeaters were ever used to route signals. In Hubitat you can see the route all your devices are taking back to the hub. I tried moving them around strategically and nothing changed, they simply weren’t being used and my zwave mesh was still extremely unreliable.
Then I found a thread about soldering uFL connectors to the HE board and using external anternna for zwave and zigbee. I bought the parts and did the antenna upgrade. Night and day difference. ZWave is awsome now. I would go so far as to say that there’s possibly a design flaw in the H7 because this seems to be a mandatory mod if you using zwave. And yes I tried 3 different H7 hubs and many other things first, there’s nothing wrong with my hub, but it may be a design flaw.