Is this compatible?

I live in an apartment with very annoying light fixtures and I’ve replaced outlets before, but never dimmer switches. All the switches I want to replace are dimmers. I pulled a switch out to check how it’s wired and it looks lke it only has two wires, but there’s connections for neutral in the socket? Is this compatible with the 2 in 1 switches? This is single pole, it’s an on/off switch and dimmer for one set of lights.

Also, where are all the wiring diagrams? The docs mention them but they’re not on the page?

Post additional pictures of your wiring please. You need to pull out all of the conductors in the box and take pictures so that you can clearly see into the box, all of the conductors and all of the connections including those to the existing switch.

As @Bry asked, please take clear photos of all wires and connections. From the photo a ground wire is not visible and red is normally the traveler wire in 3-way, 4-way, etc. As far a it being a dimmer or an on/off switch the wiring is no different, please ensure that the load is not an inductive load (i.e. ceiling fan, motor, heater, etc.). You can find resources at Inovelli Help Center. Welcome to the Inovelli Community!

this is very odd - I can’t see the diagrams (or the spaces where they should be) on my desktop but I can on mobile. And noted, will get back in there and take more photos.