Is this setup possible with neutral wire? (Black Dimmer + aux)

I’d prefer to have the inovelli black dimmer on the left side, but really whatever will work. I’ll be using a GE aux for the other switch

Yes, but your topic (which I’m going to correct) says “with no neutral wire” which isn’t correct. You have a neutral, in both boxes actually. But the Inovelli should go in the left box as you want. If you really don’t have a neutral, then the schematic you posted isn’t accurate.

Check the wiring diagrams for Line/Load in Separate Boxes (Neutral Wire Setup).

If you’re not familiar with electrical installations, it’s best to get assistance from a licensed electrician.

@Bry Thank you for your continued help. It seems I’ve consistently mistaken the neutral for the load which would explain all the issues I’ve been having!

This makes much more sense.

You really do need to have an understanding of electrical wiring to do this safely.

Please, please, please get an electrician to help you. We’ll be glad to answer his or her questions as well!