Issues changing edge drivers in smartthings

Anyone else having issues changing edge drivers? If i go to my switch click the 3 dots in the top right and select driver then change driver, it does not show all of my installed drivers.

I am properly subscribed to the inovelli channel, and have all of my devices running edge drivers from that channel. I am trying to change the fan/light switch to the new updated edge driver, but when i click on change driver it only lists the installed drivers from one specific channel and does not list any of the inovelli drivers.

This is on an an iphone, have not checked it with an android device yet, will try to do that tomorrow. It seems to be a smartthings issue, as even my non inovelli devices have the same issue. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing it and maybe has found a work around for it.

I might be misunderstanding, but if it is already using the Inovelli driver, I don’t think you’ll see it again as a selection for “Select Different Driver”. Once the device is using an Inovelli driver, you will automatically get updated to the latest version without any interaction on your part.

So for example, if I select a device that is using presently using an Inovelli driver and try to change the driver, I don’t see the Inovelli driver to select. I’ll see a generic pick such as Zwave switch and for some devices, the Inovelli BETA channel.

Was this different previously, maybe?

I’m on Android.

Edit: You are correct, and the driver updated on its own. I figured out how to add the child devices.

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