ISY and Inovelli

Hi, new user here. I was using a Wink hub for a few years and now decided to try upgrading to something a little “better”. I have a few Inovelli red and black dimmers and successfully paired them to my new ISY hub - but that’s where my success ends. Where can I learn more about using some of the more advanced features in my new dimmers, and how do I teach the ISY to communicate on a higher level? I see step by step guides for more popular hubs, hopefully there is something somewhere similar for the ISY? Thanks!

Have you asked in the ISY forums?

I use the parameters to change the LED depending if the doors are locked or unlocked.

What other higher functions are you looking for?

I have recently verified that the ISY994i-ZW+ is not Z-Wave Certified, despite being marketed as Z-Wave Certified by Universal Devices. The earlier model was Z-Wave Certified (not plus) but no longer sold.

I learned the hard way. I had to return an ISY994i-ZW+ for refund after adding numerous nodes and experiencing massive failures. I had to factory reset 80 nodes, then I installed a HomeSeer Zee Controller and it worked well during inclusion and setting up events. One thing that is nice is that you can push the dimmer parameters to the Inovelli Devices via the GUI; you don’t have to stand at the dimmer to program the parameters.

I am now curious and will buy a Hubitat just to compare the Z-Wave integration to Homeseer. I’ve never been a big fan of Homeseer, it’s kind of kludgy. The Homeseer help files are incomplete IMO, but it helped us solve a problem and get the Z-Wave network up and running pretty fast.

I have had the ISY 994i ZW for six years and I could not be happier. From all I have read on other controllers, the ISY is by far the best, and their customer support is superb. Of course, their Zwave is certified.
For all those still on ST, Homeseer, etc, try the ISY and you won’t be disappointed.

@asbril You may have an ISY994 ZW that’s been working for six years, but it’s not made or sold anymore. By the way, that discontinued model is certified but not Z-Wave Plus. The Red Series Inovelli Dimmers are Z-Wave Plus certified and have a lot of features not supported by your OLD, discontinued model. Six is >100 in technology years. Considering this, no one here is going to try to source a discontinued ISY994i ZW and purchase it to work with Inovelli Dimmers, especially since it’s not Z-Wave Plus and it’s not certified.

I was clear to reference the ISY994i-ZW+ model in my post. This model controller has a different daughterboard with a Silicon Labs chipset. It has never been submitted for Z-Wave Certification testing. It should NOT be sold without certification. You’ll likely reply that it’s partially certified or it’s has beta firmware, but both the Z-Wave Alliance and Inovelli have confirmed this new model in NOT Z-Wave Certified and your suggestion that people try the ISY is not wise. It’s a bag of hurt.

My experiences with Universal Devices and specifically the CEO were horrible. I really should post some of the interactions here, but I’ve already wasted too much time on them.

My recommendation is that people steer clear of this product until it’s fully compliant, but even then I
would proceed cautiously.

If you’d like to convince people otherwise, this can be cleared up really easy. Just post a link to the certificate of compliance for the ISY994i-ZW+

Nothing of what you post here on the ISY is true. You may have a beef with the company, but that should not entitle you to use the Inovelli forum for untruths.
The ISY 9941 ZW is current, works perfectly well and may well be the best Zwave hub on the market. UDI’s customer service is one of the best that I have ever encountered with a tech product and at par with Apple.
For the record, I am just a customer and I am not in any way related to either UDI or the owner. I am just a satisfied customer. You have every right not to like a product or a company, and you may also have had a bad experience, but you should not confuse others with fiction.

Please Post a link to where one can purchase the ISY994i-ZW, new.

Then, post the Z-Wave Conformance Statement for the ISW994i-ZW+

The link above highlights a response to you from @Eric_Inovelli stating that he confirmed with the Z-Wave Alliance that the ISY994i-ZW+ is not certified.

I can’t speak to the ISY zwave support because back when I wanted to strart deploying zwave as a second home they were still using the old Zwave (i.e., not Zwave+). I will observe that it is pretty common for companies to sell product that is still going through certification tests, especially when (as is the case here since there has only been a single vendor of the silicon) any fixes will be software/firmware ones. What I can testify to, though, it the generally superb support that the UDI folks provide in their forum. The is no way that I would hesitate to recommend them to a new user overall. My only beef/worry with them is that they have been much to slow to adopt a more open extensible architecture and that has hurt their ability to compete rapidly in a world where things like Home Assistant have vast squads of folks engaged in adding support for new devices. They have now moved to such an architecture which should help them but I think their business suffered for lack of the openness for too long. This is, however, a business model concern and not a technical or support one.

No, it’s not common for companies to violate their license agreement and market a product as Z-Wave Plus (or play fast and loose with the truth by marketing it as “Z-Wave+”) when it is not certified. I have been in touch with the Z-Wave Alliance and I have direct knowledge that UDI has been given an ultimatum to certify the controller or pull it from the market.

Most all of this discussion relates to Z-Wave Plus, Z-Wave Plus support and that the controller was never submitted for certification testing.

The original ISY controller might have been OK but it’s not sold any longer. It’s irrelevant. The ISW994i-ZW+ is the focus of this discussion. As of this writing, It’s not certified and cannot be legally brand certified as “Z-Wave Plus”.