It’s time guys. Let’s make Europe happen

It feels like i have been all the way to page 100 on google. There is no similar switch on the European market. Not even close. I think it’s time do develop the switches for EU standard. I’m willing to do much for this lol. What can the European community do? Crowdfunding? Investments? Anything!

Idk if you’re the same person on Reddit, but you really started a firestorm internally and gave me the final ammunition to convince our operations guy to make this happen :slight_smile:

We’re working on the logistics side, but yeah we can absolutely get this going with a crowdfund!

I started a thread there, but plan on creating a thread in the community too (I just don’t know how many Europeans hang out here).

Here’s the thread:

Thanks for bringing this up, I’ve been trying for years to get this off the ground and hate disappointing everyone who continues to ask us to go over there!

Eric! It’s the same guy as on Reddit. I was so eager to get you and your colleagues attention that i made sure to write on the most used channels by you guys. Looks like the ball has already started rolling on Reddit. It’s midnight here in Sweden now so looking forward to continue helping you guys after some sleep!

Fantastic! I appreciate you :slight_smile:

EDIT: I created an official project page here: Project Europa | 240V Smart Switch(es) For Europe (EU) - Zigbee, Thread/Matter

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