Kichler LED Dimmer Compatibility

Does anyone happen to know if the Kichler LED Downlights are compatible with the Inovelli dimmers? I’m moving into a new house later this year, so naturally the first question was what lights so I can plan the automations :smiley:

I’m told the lights will be Kichler Horizon II 3000K LEDs, which are dimmable.

The instruction sheet for these lights note the dimming support as follows:

DIMMING: This LED fixture is compatible with standard incandescent dimmers, LED dimmers, and electronic low voltage dimmers. For optimal performance, an electronic low voltage dimmer should be used.

I located their dimmer compatibility page, which lists this fixture as working with the following dimmers:

Lutron Diva, Maetro, Caseta and Skylark

  • DVCL-153P, DVCL-253P, DVELV-300P, MACL-153, MAELV-600, PD-6WCL, PD-5NE, SELV-303P

Leviton Sureslide, Illuma Tech and Vizia+

  • 6674, 6615, IPL06-10Z, IPE04-1LZ, VPE06

Legrand Radiant

  • RHCL453P, RHL743P, RH703PTU

I suspect the light isn’t compatible, based on information thus far :cry: (I don’t get a say in the light choices). I’m not sure what dimming technology is used in any of the supported dimmers, which offers a slight glimmer of hope.

The Inovelli definitely is not ELV, so it may not work right. It may be worth buying a light and testing it out. Small price to pay before buying a whole bunch of switches.

Yea, That was my main concern as well.

I’ll give that a try once I pull the current dimmers (not leaving the good ones behind).