Knowledge-Base Feedback Rd. 1

Hey all – the knowledge-base is deployed and ready for first round feedback!

NOTE: I’m still working on adding more wiki articles and tagging them properly so that we can play more with the filtering. I should be done with it either tonight (Nov 10th) or tomorrow (Nov 11th).

Location: Docs - Inovelli Community


I’ll give a quick overview as I think it will help as we think through the user experience.

The purpose of the KB is to have a centralized location that is continuously updated (by us and the community) of how-to’s, setup instructions, troubleshooting and anything else we can think of.

When in the KB, you should be able to select various filters to get to your problem. I think there is a search function coming, but for now it’s just a series of drop-downs and selections based on tags.

In addition, these will be linked in our instruction manuals so each URL is unique based on your selection.

Ex: The specific URL for the Red Series Dimmer for SmartThings users would be something like: (note this is not a live link, just an example). So the sky is the limit as to what we can now put in manuals and not only that, we can keep them updated in real-time (as we’ve discovered print manuals are often outdated).


With that in mind, let’s create a first draft of bugs and/or enhancements. Some may be in scope, others may not be. Either way, we can add it to the list and hopefully get it taken care of. This is top priority for me personally as I believe it will help with customer service and user experience.

Running List - Bugs

  1. Duplicate values

  2. Fonts are messed up when KB is deployed

  3. Some tags can’t be selected for some reason? Possibly bc tags that aren’t used can’t be selected (investigating)

  4. Mobile is not optimized

  5. Checkboxes aren’t checked when selected

Running List - Enhancements

  1. Make tag column wider so words aren’t cut-off

Open Questions / Comments

  1. If someone doesn’t know the hub version they have – ex: They have SmartThings and don’t select v3 – should we force them to choose a version?

    Right now, we’re forcing them to select SmartThings and a version. I think there should be a checkbox next to SmartThings that someone can select and then if they want to drill down further, they can click the drop-down and select the version.


Question on the Red Dimmer Wiki page. Assuming all tabs are installed it says the max load in 600W. But the max load is 400W incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL. How do you get up to 600W of load? I’ve only ever used the same bulb type in a fixture. Does that mean you could use 400W of incandescent and 200W of LED in a fixture and be ok?