Knowledge Base Feedback

TLDR: I’m hoping to get some feedback on the new Inovelli KB ( Is it easy to search for what you want? Is there anything we should add that’s missing? How is the user experience?

Hey all,

I’ve been neck deep in optimizing the user experience for post-purchase help. There’s been a lot of (needed) feedback in that our help articles are often out of date, hard to find and quite frankly just forgotten about.

I’ve taken this feedback to heart and have been working on a new and improved strategy to help and would love your feedback from a user standpoint.

High level, here’s my thought process:

  • There are three main sites that have distinct purposes:,,

  • = a place where customers can go to learn about the products, look at their order info, and get a high level view of who we are. This is not meant to be an overwhelming space as if it becomes one, many people just think the product is too complicated and don’t purchase.

  • = a place where customers (both existing and new) can go to get a deeper understanding of the product, help with installing their product, upgrade firmware, and learn about hub specific tips/tricks they can do with their products etc – this is all Inovelli driven articles straight from the source

  • = a place where customers (both existing and new) can go to interact with other customers to get ideas, help, and help build products together with us

Each site has it’s own, distinct purpose.

Let’s address

The goal of the KB is for customers to find what they want quickly, be it an article or live help from us. This means that articles need to be kept up to date and answers need to be accurate. If not, it leads to frustration and increased ticket volumes.

With the help of AI, I think we can accomplish what we want.

The new site has an AI robot (named Ira = Inovelli Robot Assistant) that scans our articles and using ChatGPT can help customers if they decide to chat with it. The more accurate the data, the more accurate the response. Every Q/A with Ira I can look at and tweak for the next time making it more and more accurate.

Tickets are no longer done via a webform, but rather a chat. Ira starts by helping you and if she can’t, you can choose to talk to a live rep (or send a message and we will get back to you). At first I was weary about this, but the chat grew on me as, in most cases, I can help you live rather than having to go back into the ticket, re-read everything, respond and wait for a response. Note: you can still choose to write an email in.

Phase 1 - I’m just trying to load in all the existing products, manuals, firmware, etc – I’m 90% complete with this

Phase 2 - I will start adding tutorials on how to do specific things (ie: garage door left open past 10pm create a notification)


My thought is that this is a little ambitious and I think your time could be spent elsewhere, as this isn’t specific to your products, is it? And it’ll be different for every hub. Or are you specifically talking about the LED notifications?