Kudos and an idea

I just wanted to give kudos to Innovelli for the screw terminals that they use. These are SO much better than

  • the ‘standard’ quick-connects on most dumb devices. (These are nearly impossible to disconnect after you have pushed the wire in, plus the wire has to be perfectly straight)
  • Just a plain screw terminal (for which is is really easy not to get the wire bent at the right radius and thus have the wire not fully under the screw)
  • Pigtails that you must use a wire nut on (and take up extra room in the box)
    For those who don’t have one of these yet, the Innovelli connections are "push the wire in the hole and tighten a screw on it.’

Another kudo: Thanks for the neutral wire. In both of my installations I have used it.

Possible suggestion to save a few cents: Most switches do not come with switch plates, and while it is nice that you sent one, it is only useful for single-gang boxes. Decora plates are pretty easy to find in many combinations. Not that I’m feeling negative about this. Just thinking you might save a few cents on each switch without it and probably few people would notice.

Thanks again for a great product!


Totally with you for the faceplate

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Instead of the faceplate, they could include another color of rocker!

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Not to mention the nice touch of black machine screws to mount switches

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Concur on the plate thing. I have a pile of them at this point. I also like the black machine screws.

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I spent far longer than I’d like to admit trying to get a wire wrapped around the green screw, before I realized that it too was a “put the wire in the back” style fastener. The fact that the fancy fastener was even used for the ground impressed me for some strange reason!

I like that the screws will each accept 2 wires. I don’t know if that is by design, but I was able to daisy chain my switches line to line and load to load to reduce the number of pigtails and nuts in my box.

I will also echo the faceplate sentiment. So far I haven’t installed a switch in a single gang box, and so far every one I’ve done has been in a location where we are using double or triple gang screwless plates or oversized plates.