LED cycles Red to Green to Blue then off. Red Series Dimmer Unresponsive

Hi, I recently purchased 4 Red Series dimmers and successfully installed 3 of the 4 (2 used in different 3-way scenarios and 1 used in a neutral-less 2-way scenario). Those are working just fine.

However, for the 4th one, I am having issues getting it to work. When I first turn on power to the dimmer, the LED immediately cycles from Red to Green to Blue to off. Then the light(s) slowly ramps on to full power as expected. The LED then shows blue, as it would when the lights are on, but none of the buttons work no matter how long I hold them or how many times I press them. The dimmer is otherwise unresponsive.

At first I was installing in a known working 3-way scenario that was using dumb switches. If I cycle the dumb-switch, the lights turn off and on. So after confirming all the wiring was correct, I decided to remove the second/remote dumb switch and install as a 2-way only. Same behavior.

So then I got out my test board, which is basically just an electrical box screwed onto a board with wiring to a light socket also screwed onto the board. Then it has an extension cord with one end cut off and the other end with the male socket to plug into an electrical outlet. I usually use this to pair devices that may be too far away from my hub.

After testing in here, I noticed the exact same behavior. If I pull the air gap, the light turns off and so does the LED (as expected). When I push the air gap back in, it starts the cycle again with the Red, Green and then Blue.

For giggles, I also tried adding an Aeotec bypass to rule out it being an LED bulb, but that shouldn’t have an impact since neutral is being used as far as I know.

I’m stumped here. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and/or how to fix it?


Make sure you didn’t inadvertently turn on Disable Local Control. Press config 8x. If it flashes green, then DLC was enabled and you turned it off. If it flashes red, do it again as it wasn’t enabled to start with.

If that doesn’t work, factory reset it. Long press on config until the LED turns red.

You took the dumb switch out of the equation and wired directly as a 2-way and the dumb switch still controls the lights???

That sounds like a wiring issue.

No, the dumb-switch controlled the lights before I took it out of the equation.

I will try this in a bit. It’s still wired to my test board so I can try it when I get a few minutes.

Looks like I did disable local control. After pressing config 8x, it flashed green and I was then able to use the buttons. I then did the factory reset, just as an extra measure.

However, it still flashes red to green to blue when I plug it in. I don’t recall any of my other dimmers doing this. Is it normal? Maybe I just never noticed.

Do you mean when you power the switch up? (i.e. plugging it in because you are using your test board?) That is a normal boot cycle. You will see it when a switch is powered up or when you pull and then push in the air gap.

Yes, this is exactly what I meant. I guess I only noticed it because it was the first one that was within sight of the breaker panels, so I got fixated on that being weird (to me). I couldn’t find anything that said this was normal boot cycle and all of the other ones I installed would have been finished booting before I got back to them.

Anyway, I hooked it back up to the wall and all is working as expected after turning off DLC. Thank you!