Led/oled text display

Would be awesome to have a little text display (oled/led) that could display text notifications. This would be awesome for little reminders, displaying messages about specific led notification triggers, success/fail messages for scene triggers from the “buttons”, showing thermostat temps, inside/outside temps, home status, motion statuses, etc. — doesn’t necessarily have to be huge, but text should scroll automatically if doesnt fit on entire screen.


I LOVE this idea

The key is it would have to be VERY EASY to read. OLED would be best but staying on 24/7 might have a lifespan problem on the display. I’m thinking maybe e-ink / bistable LCD with a LED backlight. That wouldn’t change instantly, but it would have very good contrast.

What I’m imagining this for- it’s not uncommon to have several switches together. If your wall has a few switches in a row, how is a visitor supposed to know what’s what?

If it was easy to read and said ‘LIGHT’ ‘FAN’ ‘OVERHEAD’ or whatever that’s a very unique feature.

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Oh this is definitely another good use for it!

I have switches from another vendor that allow you to get custom printed/engraved covers. I’ve never done it, but I always think about it especially in the areas where there’s 4 or more switches in close proximity.