LED status color options?

Is it possible to have my Red Dimmers have a Green LED bar when it’s OFF and another color, like Blue when it’s ON?

You could do this with your hub. Make two rules that will change the LED strip color as necessary.

IF [YourLight] changes and becomes [1% or higher]
THEN (Set Z-Wave Parameter 13 = somenumber)

IF [YourLight] changes and becomes [0%]
THEN (Set Z-Wave Parameter 13 = someothernumber).

Thanks for waking me up - should have thought of that…



Not sure which hub you’re on. How are you setting the parameter? I just looked at a 1.47 dimmer in webCore and I don’t see the any Set Z-wave Parameters exposed. I’m guessing it’s hub specific? I’m on ST.

@kreene1987 Weren’t you waiting for this to be implemented?

I’m on Hubitat. The Inovelli driver in Hubitat, shows all parameters available.

Thanks. That makes sense.

I think @EricM_Inovelli is showing Hubitat favoritism. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Just got to make that switch. Black Friday deals coming up.

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I’m on HomeSeer. You should be too. :stuck_out_tongue: No messing around with ‘device handlers’ or drivers, every z-wave device Just Works with no drivers because rather than showing up as one device with features (that needs a specific driver), it shows up as one device with sub-devices (each of which has built in functionality). And unlike SmartThings, it’s 100% local based so no cloud delays ever.

Great . . .

So far today one vote for Hubitat, one vote for Homeseer . . .

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It was implemented as a setColor capability of the switch, but not yet as an RGBW child device like the LZW36 (much easier/better implementation for ST).

So, half way? I think I lost @EricM_Inovelli with too many requests to implement in that thread.

I set mine to different dim levels for on vs off, and use the child notifications to change the LED color as a confirmation that my fan controller received my command.

Double-tap up causes my fan speed to increment
Double-rap down causes my fan speed to decrement

When the fan speed changes,
If fan is off, turn blue with cycle effect for 2 seconds
If fan is low, turn green with cycle key effect for 2 seconds
If fan is medium, turn orange with cycle effect for 2 seconds
If fan is high, turn red with flashing effect for 3 seconds

What is the benefit of the child device?? You can set the color via the device’s settings via the app and Set color is exposed to webCore without it.

I’m on Hubitat. Do you mind sharing how exactly I could do that? Maybe just a screenshot ?


Here is the rule for one of the dimmers

Here is the Fan Controller rule

And these are the notifications LED status settings I setup for the Dimmer

These are always being tinkered with, so they may not be exactly as described in my prior description, but it should be very close – certainly close enough that you can mimic what I did, and make your personal customization changes.

I notified you in another thread, but the child devices for the LED bars were just added to the SmartThings device handlers.

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This app just makes it easy in HE.

You can assign priorities so a higher priority status shows. When that condition goes away, it drops back down to the next highest priority.

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