LED strip basic questions

I would like to install the LED strip as under cabinet lights in a new build, but have some basic questions. I’ve looked through this forum and knowledgebase, but all that appears to be about the Zwave / programming features. My questions are more basic.

  1. Will the LED strips work initially out of the box without a hub?
  2. How many feet of lights can go on one controller?
  3. The page states the kit comes with five 1’ strips, two 6" strips, and a “Controller /12 v Power Adapter.” Elsewhere it states the end of each strip needs an endcap, so does everyone who orders the kit also need to buy a separate endcap?
  4. Do the strips in the kit come with connectors on each end and connect to each other, or do I have to buy separate connectors?
  5. What is the CRI of the lights?
  6. What is the lumens of the lights?
  7. How dense are the lights in the strip?
  8. How wide are the strips? Will they fit in any of the standard size aluminum channels? If so, can you also use the diffuser covers on the channels, or will that make these lights too hot?
  9. Is there a way to wire in a low voltage under cabinet tap on/off dimmer switch (those round discs that you tap to turn on or off, and touch and hold to dim up and down)?
  10. How long is the cord from the lights to the controller? It looks to be about 2-3". Where do people typically mount the controller if you are doing an undercabinet install?
  11. If the cord from the lights to the controller is only a few inches, can the controller be mounted under the cabinets? How thick is it? Does one of it’s buttons let you turn it on and off?
  12. Where does the power adapter fit in? Is it part of the controller or does the controller plug into the power adapter? How long is the cord between those?
  13. Presume the power adapter then plugs into the wall. How long is that cord?
  14. They are wiring up my under cabinet circuits to be able to be switched on and off from from a three way switch setup - a light switch on each side of the kitchen. I presume if I use the Inovelli LED’s and have them install an outlet to plug the Inovelli controller into, if someone turns those switches off everything about the light strips will stop working because the controller would not get any power - ie I could not set up a motion sensor that triggers the LED strip to turn on. Could I overcome this by having them install an Inovelli red switch at the first switch from the panel?
  15. For daily use, can I can select the temperature of the white light?
  16. When on white lights, do these have warm dimming?

Sorry for the basic questions, just trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any info.

  1. They’ll work, but you really need a hub for most functionality
  2. 16’
  3. Only if you are going to T. You get one connector w/the kit.
    4.Yes, No. Look at the pictures on the product page.
  4. See bottom of product manual.
  5. ibid.
  6. Not sure. They seem pretty smart to me.
  7. I published that in another thread. You should be able to search and find it. Not sure what a “standard” size channel is, but with the connectors, you may need a wider channel that what might be used for an unterminated 2812B strip. This was discussed in the thread I mentioned.
  8. No
  9. 4"
  10. Yes. 7/8". In a simple sense, no.
  11. Wall wart
  12. About 10’
  13. Yes, that is a good presumption. If you cut power to the wall wart the LEDs will not light. Don’t know why you could not set up a motion sensor to turn them on but that seems doable. Yes, you can use and Inovelli Red scene capability to turn on the LEDs. This will vary by hub and scene capabilities.
  14. Yes, there is a slider, at least in the ST app.
  15. Yes, at least in the ST app, the color temperature is one slider and the dimmer is a separate slider.

Product manual: