LED Strip Extension and Connectors

Does anyone know if the 4’ extension can be used in between segments of the LED strip itself. I was hoping to put it under my cabinets, then use the 4’ extension around my range hood so it isn’t lit up, and then back to LED strip on the other side.

Additionally, what are my options for an L connector since they are out of stock. I’m hoping there are some generic ones out there so I don’t have to take the DIY soldering approach.

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Yes, you can put the extenders in between strips.

Just a guess, but I think you can use the T adapter (which is in stock) in lieu of the L. Just don’t use both ports.

I had exactly the same question. Have gotten around to asking yet. :+1:

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yes you can that was my initial idea but i decided to put strips under the microwave too cuz i looked dark

Jumping in to see if anyone has found an alternative to the L connector?

The T connector won’t work?

Flip the L around (it fits with some force apparently).

Anyone know if the extension can be cut and reconnected with an L or T adapter? Also, can I connect 2 extensions back to back and then continue with the LED strips?

I’d like to use this for undercabinet lighting, but have a window between my cabinets that I need to go above or underneath.

You can absolutely cut the extension and solder and shrink wrap your own connectors in. I bought these, but you can easily find cheaper alternatives.
Litcessory 6-Pin to 6-Pin Connector for Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus (15 Pack, White - STANDARD 6-PIN V3) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M6DWK4Z/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_F9DW01A2K776FWBD0NGB?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

You can connect directly to L and T connectors that Inovelli sells the issue will be getting them to stay connected. The light strips plug and hold into place because of the connection design but extensions might want to slip out so you might have to be creative with tape or a rubber band. Sadly the L connectors are sold out and it doesn’t sound like returning anytime soon if at all. You can use a T as an L though

yessir you can

If I use a T in place of an L, do I need to cap the open end with an additional end cap? I don’t see it mentioned, so I’m going to pretend the answer is “no” - but a confirmation would be nice.

I believe the answer is yes

Well drat. That makes the tee more than twice the cost of the ell. But thanks Stu.

Hmm with no load on the T, how would it know?

Based on the images @jtronicus posted I though you needed an end cap. Maybe the red doesn’t matter?

@stu1811 Ahh the outline makes more sense. May just need to put a jumper wire on data in to out.

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