LED Strip Extension and Connectors

Does anyone know if the 4’ extension can be used in between segments of the LED strip itself. I was hoping to put it under my cabinets, then use the 4’ extension around my range hood so it isn’t lit up, and then back to LED strip on the other side.

Additionally, what are my options for an L connector since they are out of stock. I’m hoping there are some generic ones out there so I don’t have to take the DIY soldering approach.

Yes, you can put the extenders in between strips.

Just a guess, but I think you can use the T adapter (which is in stock) in lieu of the L. Just don’t use both ports.

I had exactly the same question. Have gotten around to asking yet. :+1:

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yes you can that was my initial idea but i decided to put strips under the microwave too cuz i looked dark