LED strip intensity with Internal relay disabled

I have a number of red dimmers in my house. Some of them are connected to standard LEDs and some to philips hue bulbs (primarily to control a whole room of floor lamps with one switch). My wife doesn’t like how on the switches for the hue bulbs (which have the internal relays disabled) the LED strip never changes. Is there a way to have on a up push the LED strip signal to hue to turn on and also control the led strip on the switch. Its a small thing, but anything to improve WAF is important.

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Haven’t tried them for this purpose, but you may be able to use a notification to turn the strip on when the hue goes on and vice versa.

Thats a good thought I’ll try that out in rule machine.

I’m assuming you’re controlling the hue bulbs through a rule on a hub.

Pull the switch back out, disconnect the LOAD wire and wire it into the LINE.
Re-Enable to internal relay.

The bulbs will have constant power. Your rule on your hub will still control the bulb. And the LED still functions because the switch itself is actually turning on/off.