LED Strip Project

Hi! I’m getting some custom furniture made, and wanted to include Inovelli LED strips. Does anyone know if the attached layout will work or will I need to break them out into a couple of independent strips/controllers? Especially since total max length is 16 feet, don’t know if that will be a problem.

Plans are in spanish so here is a rough translation
Tira = strip
Cable Macho Hembra = Male to Female extension cable
Cable Hembra Hembra - Female to Female extension cable
Cable Macho Macho = Male to Male extension cable

Also noticed they are referencing 4" strips, but Inovelli only sells 6" right? Any ideas for how to adapt those?

And another question, will I need endcaps for all these?

My guess is that the Inovelli strips won’t work well in these types of configurations. I looked at “A” and counted over 16’ of LEDs, but all the extension cables also factor into the voltage drop equation. So I’m going to guess is the overall length of your strips plus extensions far exceeds the Inovelli strips capability.

I don’t know if you are planning to implement patterns, but even if you got decent illumination from the Inovellis, I’m not sure how patterns would work out with all those T’s.

IMO, you should probably look at a solution where you can inject power at some points to offset voltage drop. You’d also want a solution where you can segment your strips to make patterns work better.

I’d look at using something like a DigUno or DigQuad controller with an independent power supply capable of producing the proper power. Take a look at https://quinled.info for tons of info on LED strip solutions.


I’ll second this! A Quinled controller running WLED, your choice of light strips like the ws2812 by btf lighting, and a power supply capable of doing power injection because you’re definitely going to get voltage loss. There’s a few great YouTube videos out there on this type of setup. I’m thinking Rob from TheHookUp has a few that go over the different strip types and all the finer details.


Awesome thanks guys, I’ll be looking into these then, if I was going to be DIYing it I’d go that route in a heartbeat but I need to be able to explain it to the installer.

Also, if I were to stay with the inovelli strip, I was thinking of breaking each area into 2-3 controllers at the least. I won’t really be doing patterns, but I would like the ability to turn some parts off and some parts on.

If you’re thinking of breaking it out into areas, then the inovelli strips should work fine.

Only problem I see is patterns might not be continuous and color changes might not be instant between the different units.

Otherwise I agree, should look AWESOME.

I agree that the DIY solution would be way cleaner in the end though.

I feel the WLED would be more customizable with strips that can be cut to length vs strips that have defined length and can not be cut.

Just something to think about.

Good to know, thanks!

Yeah, the installer will leave a way for me to access the strips so down the road I might go the DIY route. Don’t think I’ll really be using patterns all that much so it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment, the installer made the furniture size with the inovelli led strip lengths in mind so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Just want to throw it out there that I’d love to see the final result even if you decide to go with another LED strip. Congrats, the plans look awesome :slight_smile:

Also @Courtney_Inovelli – what does our inventory look like on these? I know we were getting fairly low. Like 50 units left?

@Eric_Inovelli Yeah your inventory might be low because I placed the order yesterday and it shipped this morning :rofl:

I’ll absolutely post pics once it’s all installed, thanks!

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That was a lot of end caps!!

We don’t have many connectors left at all. Kits we have 59 left and 6 and 12inch extensions we have plenty of!

40 end caps is a lot!!! :rofl: When the installer sent me the amount he needed I literally laughed out loud.

So just to update on this, furniture guys have been installing during the past week, LED Strips work great! My main problem with them right now is the weird integration with Homeassistant, not being able to easily set preset’s unless its a script, trying to find a way to get them to display as a drop down menu/attribute in the light entity. Also, I ran the script for the color change workaround and they work great, but if I group lights that stops working.

But all in all, very very satisfied with the lights, the functionality on them is great. I’ll upload pics and video once the install is complete and the mess is cleaned up.

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No experience with these strips or how they integrate into HA, but can give an idea to create that dropdown.

You can use a “dropdown” helper which will create an input_select entity for you. As options you can create however many you want named whatever you’d like. Then setup an automation using the input_select “changes to” as a trigger and use that to call the matching script. You then just need to put the input_select entity on your dashboard and you’ll be all set.

If you need a more detailed step by step just let me know.

Actually was starting to do just this, and naming the input_select option just like the effect called on the script, then using a template in the call service to reference that script with the referenced effect. Thanks!

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