Light fan switch lzw36 integration idea for DC fans-- will this work?

I have a DC fan with light on a single pole dumb switch and trying to figure out how to integrate it to my smarthings (use) or hubitat (i am learning and probably migrating)

I know the LZW36 will not work with it directly with DC fans, but have an idea, and am curious if this will work…

I already have and know BOND controls the fan, but the dumb switch stops that if its off.

If i wire in an lzw36 switch, but DO NOT wire in the Inovelli canopy controller, use scenes options on the switch to control BOND which would control the factory fan controller.

Will this work?
any ideas for simpler integration?

The LZW36 controller that mounts in a switch box is NOT a switch, only a radio relay between Z-Wave and the canopy module. There is no load terminal. If your plan involves using the LZW36 for switching the light’s power, it will not work…

I realize it isnt a switch, sorry for the misnomer… I want to use the zwave in the module and scenes in Hubitat or Smartthings to control the Bond fan controller… which can control the light and fan.
I guess i am just making sure the module does not look for or become inoperable when it cannot talk with the canopy module.

Why not just use a -SN dimmer or switch? If I understand correctly, you’d just be using 1/2 of the LZW-36, so why not just use a LZW-30-SN or LZW31-SN?

well. for ease of guest (and my sanity) mostly. i have a dumb single pole switch that controls 1 fan and 1 light. If the switch is on, I use the remote or BOND to control it.

i did think of and even successfully tested control of Bond with a red dimmer, and i havent ruled it out… i found it difficult to explain and unintuitive to non tech people (GirlFriend)
Intuitiveness for the GF, Parents, or visitors is worth the extra couple bucks.

I have even looked at turning a dumb switch into a smart switch with something like Shelly…
Im still learning the ins and outs of smart tech so… just thinking out-loud in an online forum…

If there is a better intermediary than BOND out there, open to suggestions.
Or i could always just replace the DC fan with an AC. and just put the fan/light switch in. \o/. lol.

I have tested this in the past (using the module as a scene controller without hooking up the canopy), and it works just fine.

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