Light/fan switch wont turn light off

Red Light/Fan switch wired up to dumb pull-cord fan. When I turn off the light at the switch (or smartly) the light dims down to off, then comes back on very dim. If I smartly set the light to 1%, then the light turns off.

This of course is a problem since automation to turn the light “off” actually turns it on.

Quick recap:
Switch is OFF → Very dim
Switch set to 1% → Light is off
Switch set to 2% → Very dim
Ramps normally to 100% → Very bright.

As an aside: I installed a second light/fan switch on a different circuit to a different dumb fan model and it seems to work perfectly fine.

If it matters:
Home Depo Link - Fan showing weird behavior

Lowes Link - Fan that works fine

Hmm, okay maybe answered my own question. It’s the light bulbs.

I switch the bulbs between the two fans and the problem followed the bulbs. Bummer not all LED bulbs are made the same.


Yep was just going to say that the included 9W bulbs are probably not compatible with the fan/light switch. Look for another set.

Many fans come with non-dimmable LED bulbs. Here’s a question from the Home Depot fan link above:

Q:Can a dimmer light switch work with this ceiling fan?

byMDdiygirl|Apr 23, 2022

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A: Yes, but you will need to replace the included bulbs with dimmable bulbs. The included 9w LED bulbs are not dimmable and will flicker if used. You will also need to ensure the blue wire from the motor is wired directly to the dimmer switch and the black wire is only connected to an on/off switch. (Blue wire powers the light and the black wire powers the fan).

byEd Yano Hampton Bay Rep|May 21, 2022