Light fixture won't turn off with Red Dimmer

I got my first 15 Inovelli dimmers and switches today, beginning the transition over from Leviton. Everything went great with the exception of my dining room LED pendant light, which will not turn completely off with the Red Series dimmer.

When the dimmer is off, the LED light in the pendant pulses weakly. I made sure that the minimum dim level was set to 1% in the dimmer’s settings, made no difference. I searched around, but posts I found mostly talk about flickering at various dim levels – couldn’t find anything about not being able to turn the light off.

My entire house is LED lighting (the house is brand new), including several LED fixtures like this. This is the only one I’m having an issue with (so far).

For now I’ve put a switch on it since it’s impossible to turn the light completely off with the dimmer and I was afraid it was damaging the light. Any ideas, or am I stuck with a switch on this one? I’m not an expert but the fixture specs make it sound like it should be dimmable with just about any kind of switch.

You can try raising the minimum dim level. But more than likely, installing a bypass will solve your issue.

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What’s a bypass in this context? Haven’t heard of that before.

The bypass goes parallel with the hot and neutral in the light box. In some situations, there is enough leaked voltage to keep a LED dimly lit. This will draw that down.