Lights need to be off in order to program? What if you can't turn the 3-way light off?

A newbie question. I am building a new house. My electrician installed the switches. At first I had trouble programming single pole blue 2-1 switches to be dimmer switches, because it was night time and I had the lights on. Configuring switches just appeared to do nothing. Then the next day, during the day, I discovered that with the lights off programming works fine and I was able to configure all switches to dimmers. All of my single pole lights now work as dimmers.

So the question is, does any programming only work with lights off or is this our imagination? If it is true that you can’t program with the lights on it would seem a basic thing to include in the directions :).

So second, related question:

We have two three-way switches (Inovelli Smart + Inovelli Aux, with Neutral wire) we are now having difficulty getting to work. The smart switch worked fine until we programmed the AUX switch and after that the lights would no longer turn off, which means we can’t program the inovelli switches (if the first question/discovery is true, i.e., no programming with lights on) without first removing the Aux Switch from power all together. Is that the correct next step? Then we reset the switches to factory defaults and start all over carefully configuring the smart switch as a three way and getting both the smart and aux switches to work as on/off switches. And then we program the smart switch to be a dimmer?

Is there any necessary order of programming a three-way Inovelli Smart + Inovelling Aux to be Three way dimmer switch, e.g., do we need to program the Smart to be a three-way, then the Aux and then program the smart switch to be a dimmer or some other order? Or does order not matter?

I can program the VZW31 while it is on including switching it from on-off to dinner mode, using zwave-js-ui.

Order of how its programmed doesn’t matter either.

You’re using Blue? I haven’t read anything about the Blue being difficult to program. What hub might help others provide input.

Due to the fact that it is new construction and the house is still under construction, I am not using a hub at this point. Just trying to do the preset configure using the config button and the paddle.