Lightstrip (LZW45) Not appearing in Google Home with integration app

I am having trouble trying to get the Inovellis lightstrip to appear in my Google Home with the Google home integration app for Hubitat C7. I have around 20 or so inovelli devices that appear perfectly fine but can’t get the lightstrip to appear. Has anyone had this issue with the LZW45 light strip. I would appreciate your feedback/suggestions.

What hub are you using?

I am using Hubitat C-7

The only way I found to get them into Google Home was by using this integration: [Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration - Code Share - Hubitat

It was a pain to set up but once its configured you can add any device that google doesn’t support by default.

Wonder if it’s a Hubitat/GH integration issue. My LED strips added automatically, but I’m on SmartThings.

Well I need to make an amendment to my original post. It was many months ago that I setup my first light strip in GH so I tried it again using the built in Google Home Integration and it worked this time.

Just to make sure, you added the device in the google home integration app and then made sure to sync your google devices?

I am using a strip directly in Hubitat, no custom driver required.

Before adding the strip to Google Home, make sure you have exercised all its configuration in Hubitat. Set a white and rgb value. Turn it on and off. Then it should include!

Yes I tried that as well. I followed the directions on provided on GitHub. Got to the final step where I access and login through Google and would just get an error. But I will try and trouble shoot that again.

I might need to exclude the device and start from scratch. It doesn’t make sense. I have a child device for the led effects for the lightstrip and those will slave over to Google home but not the parent device. Literally makes no sense. I have 20 other inovelli devices that work perfectly fine.

So I ended up excluding it and included it again and it worked just fine. I guess it was a small bug or glitch. Thank you for the help everyone! Has anyone been able to get more control through Google home. It only allows me to control on/off. No RGBW or brightness adjustment. I bet using the Google home community app does. Just can’t seem to get it to work.

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That still seems a bit odd, mine lets me adjust colors. I did notice that I had to select colors a couple times before it started responding. Maybe you just need to try it a couple more times?

The community Google home integration is miles better than the built in, if you aren’t using it.