Line voltage Thermostat

If you guys can come up with a line voltage thermostat that would be awesome!

Stelpro does make a model, but it is a little bit pricey and this is the only player in the zwave like voltage thermostat market.

There’s few modelling available but all of them are wifi/zigbee.

I’m sure you can do much better!

Either something simple at a less cost or if it is in the same price range I’m sure you will comme up with fantastic idea like power monitoring on [email protected] baby’s would be awesome. One of the biggest expense on Quebec’s house.

If you could come up with the possibility of getting those thermostat to work following their schedule even if the zwave server is down… Wow mind blown! Never really happened but just bullet-proofing the idea.

Project code name suggesting (Project King of the North)

Just saying :slight_smile:


A 240Vac thermostat manufactured by Inovelli would certainly be the best news of 2021 !! Stelpro with its KI Zwave thermostat has no competitor in this domain. It’s a very basic thermostat and I’m sure you could do a lot better !!

Why Inovelli had no interest in thermostat market ??
Yet everyone has a thermostat at home!

Hey sorry – didn’t see this until now (hard to keep up sometimes).

While we do love thermostats (I started with Nest and currently have ecobee), it’s a little outside our expertise right now, which is lighting.

We take the approach of it’s better to know a lot about a little (ie: lighting) than a little about a lot. Maybe if we perfect lighting and can move outside it, we can consider a thermostat. I would love to redesign thermostats as you’re right, everyone has one and there are pros/cons to each different brand.