Local network down - Inovelli/Aux still work?


So I did some looking around but did not find anything so figured I would ask here. In the setups where we use AUX switches in say a 3-way or more setup. When the local network is down do the Aux still work? How about the Red Dimmer/on-off’s? Do they need the network? Wife would not be happy if I am making changes to my network and can’t turn on the lights.

Absolutely. The AUX switches connect directly to the switches/dimmer itself and as long as you have it configured correctly at the switch (parameter 22), then you can completely remove the hub and the switches/dimmer will still work from the AUX switches.

The only thing that won’t work are the scenes/notifications or any rules that rely on the hub to execute from the triggers of the switches/dimmers. Note: the AUX switches will not trigger any scenes of the Red series switches/dimmers.

Lets be clear. If you’re talking about your home LAN that uses IP addresses and an IP router to access the Internet, then that is completely separate from the Z-Wave ‘network’ that is used by the Inovelli Red series. Zwave dimmers and Zwave Aux switches talk directly to each other via a Zwave wireless network which is separate from your home WiFi network.

Also, if you use a hub like Hubitat or Home Assistant that uses local processing and does not rely on the Cloud, then scenes and rules should also still work even if your home ‘network’ (internet) is down. SmartThings, Alexa, Google, etc. use the Cloud and will not work if your home LAN/WiFi is down

Thanks for quick replies. Yea I was talking about when I am messing around and decide to reboot the router from time to time. Local lan not internet connectivity. That is really good to know about the direct communication for the AUX and makes me now want to swap out my older Wifi switches. Still not going to go crazy with Aux switches just yet since Project Golden Rule is looking like a 6-8 month possibility. But I have a need in a couple locations with dimmers. Again thanks for the feedback.