Looking for LED bulb type that needs bypass or else it stays on DIM

I’m trying to understand why some LED bulbs do not turn all the way off but stay on very dim. So I’m looking for suggestions of LED bulbs that folks have found to be particularly troublesome in this respect. Hopefully a cheap bulb I can purchase at Home Depot.



These are the ones that started this journey lol

ZEEFO G8 LED Bulbs, Dimmable 110V-130V 3W Warm White 3000K, 64 X 3014 SMD Energy Saving Light Bulbs (20W-25W Halogen G8 Led Bulb Equivalent) for Light Fitting, Under Counter Kitchen Lighting (6 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJQKZSR

PM me your address and I can send them to you!

Here is the one that caused me issues: Fiet Electric BPOM60/830LED V2. Here is a link to them at the home despot:


Live and learn… sigh.