Love "default on value" implantation in Red 2-1 VZW31-SN

I just installed a Red series 2-1 and found a setting, or perhaps more accurately, an implementation, that I really love. With the 2nd Gen, LZW31-SN if the light wasn’t at 100% and I did a 1 Push (i.e. like I was turning it on) it wouldn’t go to 100% as that only worked when turning on the light if it was off. Using Hubitat I had to create a rule for a 1 Pushed = 100% for every switch, since I set the Config/Favorite button to a low setting that I turned on first thing in the morning as I was stumbling 1/2 awake to the kitchen, and then would want it at 100% a few minutes later.

I have discovered that with the 2-1 that isn’t necessary. Even if the light is already on, pushing the “on” switch (1 pushed) sends it to its default of 100%.

YEA! One of Inovelli’s hallmarks has always been listening to the community and this is a great case in point. (BTW, if this was done via software, can it be done for the 2nd Gen LZW31-SN?)


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No changes are possible for any 2nd gen products. They are no longer being made and Inovelli no longer has a relationship with that manufacturer.

That’s what I expected. As I recall one of the issues Inovelli had with the 2nd gen was they didn’t control the software. I hope that has been rectified in the 3rd gen. In any event, they have certainly made some great changes for gen 3, the 2-1.

So one step forward, one step, not so much. I saw that Inovelli did update the driver for the Red 2-1 for param 15 to show 100=Previous power level in Hubitat. However, I can’t set Param 15 to 100. When I do and click the Save Preferences button I get this error saying the setting must be less than or equal to 99:

So while the text has been fixed to show I should enter 100 if I want the power on level to go to where it was previously set, the driver needs to be fixed to accept 100 as a valid value.