Lutron 3-Way Dimmer to Red Dimmer

Hoping for some help. Currently, I have an existing Lutron 3-Way dimmer I am wishing to convert to a Red Dimmer + Embrighten Add On Switch. Could someone help me on which of each of these wires should attach to the Red Dimmer and Embrighten. See attached diagram of existing.

Hi. Based on your drawing, you have a standard line and load in different boxes neutral installation.

The Inovelli will go in the box where the Lutron is (the one on the left). In that box, you’ll find both a 2-wire (not counting ground) and a 3-wire Romex (if you are using Romex). The 2-wire is your Line and the 3-wire goes to the other switch.

At the dimmer box. the black from the 2-wire goes to the Line on the Inovelli. This is the conductor attached to the black wire on the Lutron. The two wires attached to the red wires on the Lutron (which may be black and red) go black to Load on the Inovelli and red to Traveler on the Inovelli.

Still the dimmer box, the two white wires wire-nutted together remain, but you will add a white pigtail to that bundle and jumper to the Neutral on the Inovelli.

At the far box where the Aux is going, there should be the 3-wire from the Inovelli and a 2-wire going to your light. The whites are wire-nutted together. You will add a white pigtail to that bundle and attach to the Neutral on the Aux. Wire nut the two blacks together. Attach the red to the Traveler terminal on the Aux.

Looks like this:

You’ll need to configure parameters 21=1, 22=2