LZW-42 features/limitations

Morning all
I just got a set of 7 Ilumin bulbs. I find that I like the color reproduction quite a bit, and with the latest update they respond pretty quickly to commands sent from Home Assistant. At first, I questioned why I’d spent so much on some of my other bulbs, but I started to see what I could and could not do with this new set of bulbs and realized there is no perfect bulb.

These are my first ZWave bulbs so I was not fully aware of their limitations vs Zigbee bulbs. One of the main items I’ve found to be a let down is that Zwave at S0 encryption does not seem to have a multicast function. What this means is that it is impossible to get the bulbs to transition in sync with each other. Seems the only way around this is manual association with a switch, but I havent had a chance to test that out.
There does seem to be a multicast group feature for S2 security frames. Maybe this is a feature planned for phase 2?

Also, when transitioning from color to color on zigbee bulbs, it moves smoothly. On the LZW42 the transition is instant. It would be nice if it were possible to control the transition method. (note that on the flip of this, its not possible to make the Zigbee bulbs I have transition instantly from one color to the next, so this is a tradeoff)

Finally, kind of as an extension of the above transition limitation, the bulbs also do not seem to have any type of effects supported, such as ‘breathe’, ‘colorloop’, and even ‘flashing’.

Am I missing anything or are these simply limitations to the phase 1 white-label bulbs?
I’d say the multicast feature is most important above all other missing features.

If you associate the bulbs with group 3 of a switch, then they will operate simultaneously.

I’m not sure about the settings exposed in HA, but with the latest firmware and drivers on Hubitat, there is an available “Color fade time” setting that adjusts this. The higher the number the slower the transition (0 is instant).

Interesting. We don’t get these in ST as far as I’m aware.

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Makes sense. Unfortunately these dont have a switch to pair with yet, and all the rest of my switches have mqtt scene events tied to them.

This is interesting. I didnt see any command class which would point towards this. I’ll need to investigate. Many thanks