LZW30 3-way sending power to traveler and not load

I have a new of your switches but I am having issues with one of them. Its a lzw30 with the incoming line at the lzw30 switch and romex running to the other box; then romex running to the lights. I tried writing with the existing 3way dumb switch but the dumb switch would not let the lzw30 toggle the switches back on. So I decided to simplify and use an add-on switch. I purchased the recommended GE 46199.

I am still having issues. Wiring with the below diagram allows to the switches to work, but the lights never turn on. So, checking with a meter, as I use the lzw30 power toggles on and off between Traveler line but power never goes to the load line.

I tried switching the load and line just as a test, as expected the lights would turn on and off from the inovelli but the aux switch did not function.

Is there some configuration in the switch firmware to set it to add-on switch mode? I have not been able to find anything.

When you first installed the switch with the Aux (before you swapped the Line and Load . . which isn’t a good idea, btw), did the Inovelli power up?

I can’t tell enough from your description, but if you have the Inovelli in the wrong box and you swap the Line and Load at the Inovelli, you might then be powering the switch where it wasn’t powered before. Before installing, did you test both 2-wires (disconnected) with a meter to confirm which was the Line and which was the Load?

To clarify, I did not switch the line and load. I swap the Load and Traveler as power was switching on and off with the traveler with no power to the load.

Yes the lzw30 has power and connection to the z-wave network. I have identified the incoming line correctly.

Got it. So if you haven’t already, rewire so that the load via the three wire from the Inovelli is connected to the black on the two wire Romex in the far box, going to the light. Reconnect red on the three wire to traveler on both ends.

What is your load? Can you temporarily swap out for incandescents? Some LED loads have been known to cause issues with the switch properly detecting the configuration.

The load is 4 x 8W LEDs. Yes I did the reqire. I don’t have any incandescent but I can put an old florescent in. I would imaging the 4 larged LEDs should be enough load.

Is there any setting on the switch to tell it to function with a Add on switch and not a dumb switch?

No, unfortunately that’s only on the dimmer. The switch is supposed to auto-configure.

There have been a few cases where LED bulbs caused issues with this, hence my recommendation to temporarily try incandescents. But If you just have CFLs lying around, give that a shot.

There is a configuration setting you have to set, but I don’t think it would stop the Inovelli from powering the lights via the load terminal. Do a factory reset or un-pairing and then test it in single switch mode. If that doesn’t work, then I would suspect the switch is bad.

What configuration setting are you referring to? And what is the single switch mode? I think you’re referring to dimmer functions, but that’s not what the OP has.

Yes, it doesn’t have the parameter. So, factory reset it (hold config button > 20 sec) and then try it wired as a single switch. If that doesn’t work then it’s bad.