LZW30-SN and 3 way with GE AUX

Just installed an LZW30-SN and a GE AUX in 3 way.

Line comes into the Inovelli switch and the load comes into the box with the AUX switch. I’ve got it wired up following the drawing on the top of page 10 of the installation guide.

I can turn the light on and off from the Inovelli switch, but the remote will only turn the light off if I double-tap off. When I do this, the switch still appears to be on on the Inovelli side. I cannot turn the light on from the AUX switch either. I’m wondering if there is programming or something I’m missing on the Inovelli on/off switch, or if others have seen this. I’m using home-assistant for my hub with the open-zwave modifications as required. All of the non 3-way inovelli switches both dimmer and non work fine.

@imperial - The on/off doesn’t have the program like the dimmers for 3-way or not. It’s supposed to autodetect the 3-way. In my scenario, the aux switch solved my 3-way problem. It just “worked” as soon as I restored power. I used the wire nut to tie the “load” from the Inovelli to the light bulb in the 2nd box and just hooked up the RED traveler and neutral to the aux switch. Make sure your using the same neutral that the “Line” is using. In one of my boxes, I had multiple neutrals from other sources, so I just ensured I connected the neutral that was part of the “chain”.

Actually got this fixed- after tearing the wiring apart again I needed to flip which box the remote and the switch were in, which solved the problem. I’ve since installed another 8 switches with 3 ways and all have worked as advertised.

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Great. Easy fix! Sometimes it just takes looking at it again.