LZW30-SN - Config button doesn't work

I just got 2 new gen 2 red series on/off switches. I was able to get the first one to sync to my hub (homeseer), but the config button kon the second switch never does anything.

I can’t get it to go in to pairing mode. (3x press), can do a zwave signal check (5-10 second hold), and I can’t do a reset (20 second hold).

So, I went back to the first switch to see if the config button worked there, and funny enough, now none of the commands via the config button appear to work on that switch. What’s going on? Bad firmware? Defective batch of switches? Other?

I’m using a neutral in the box and the paddles control the lights just fine. Please help.

Hey @skinov - super weird, sorry for the issue here. Let’s see if we can get it working.

Let’s start with the one that never worked:

Do you have manual control of the switch at all (ie: does the paddle work to turn the lights on and off)?

Hi @eric_inovelli. Yes. I have full manual control with both switches. The switch where the config button has never worked works fine as a physical standalone switch and controls my lights.

And the led goes dim blue when the switch is off, and bright blue when the switch is on. When I pull the air gap, the led flashes all the various colors as expected.

What else can I help provide?

Dang that’s so weird… Everything else seems to work as intended.

Would you mind taking a video of you using the config button? Only thing I can think of is you’re not pressing it fast enough to initiate pairing process.

The thing that’s strange is that you can’t get it to reset… When you hold for 20 seconds, does it ever turn red?

Last question… Did you purchase on Amazon and if so, do you still have the package?

@Eric_Inovelli, I tried a variety of different speeds. Nothing seems to make a difference.

If I hold it down for 20 seconds or more, the led light never changes at all.

Yes, I purchased from Amazon this week and still have the packaging for both switches. I’ve not thrown it away.

I can get a video in the morning if you think it’d help.

@Eric_Inovelli… Here’s 3 videos. First is pushing the config button 3 times at various speeds. Second is holding the config button down for over 20 seconds. Third is showing that the paddle works.

Hey sorry for the delay here – thanks for posting the videos, those were super helpful. Not sure why that’s happened, especially on two of them!

Anyway, yes, those are defective, so I’ll have @Courtney_Inovelli send out a couple new ones for you. I think she has a ticket of yours.

Sorry for this!

Hey @Eric_Inovelli, wanted to let you know that I was finally able to find time to install the RMA replacements, and can confirm the 2 replacement switches worked as expected. I’ll ship back the other defectives switches this week.