LZW30-SN LED Red Series Notification presets in WebCore in 2021?

I had this working great for years. Tried to “fix” something that was not broken, updated some DH in SmartThings and now the LED notifications are no longer available in WebCore. I used these for pulsing and solid LED colors for various door and lock combinations.

These are the LED presets

My old WebCore setup, you can see the LED presets are no longer there.

How can I use the SmartThings app LED notification in WebCore in 2021?

So when you set notification parameters in ST, that notification becomes a child object. I’m guessing that whatever you did caused the child objects to update. That’s why you see the hex values in the curly braces instead of the name of your notification(s).

So finish setting up the notification as you have displayed in your screenshot by setting the LED Level and Effect. Then when you back out it will create a child object for the notification.

Then in the ST app, Automations tab Webcore. Go into the settings to select the available devices and select the newly created (or existing) notification.

Now go back into WebCore, edit the piston and select the proper notificaton where the hex in curly braces is presently.

That ought to get it.

Also, I have updated DHs and never broken a piston, so double-check to insure you loaded and selected the proper DH.


Thanks for the quick response! The reason they are gone is I excluded the switch and included it again.

Where in the the new SmartThings app under WebCore do the new LED notifications populate? Not seeing them anywhere.

You are talking about making the notifications available to select in webcore, right? Open the webcore app in ST. Then select Settings and then Available Devices in the following screen.

Yes, I am not sure why I cannot get them to populate in WebCore. LED notifications 1-5.

Do any of these toggles need to be adjusted?

Also, this is what my DH IDE looks like.

You do not need those top 4 child devices turned on to do what you are trying to do with notifications.

I don’t recognize the RGBW child device, but the DH for the LZW30-SN seems correct.

After you create your Notification 1 in the switch’s settings, do you see it as a child device in the Devices tab in the IDE? The weren’t there in the past but they are now, so you should see them since you just re-added the switch?

Also, open the switch’s page in the IDE, select Edit, and make sure that the proper DH has been selected for that switch. Should look like this:


Notification Child Device should look like this:

Regarding your crosspost in the ST community, the four “new” items you found in the switch’s settings in the ST app are derived from the Device Handler. They didn’t come from updating webCore.

When you are looking for the Notifications, you will find them in either “Which Actuators” or “Which Sensors”. Easier than looking through the Capability groups.

Not getting the child device to show up under “My Devices” in the IDE. I am using the correct device handler too.

Ok. I have some that I don’t see in the IDE either but they are older. I would have thought that all of yours would show up. Did you select all four parameters in Notification 1? Can you post a screenshot of it again with it completed?

Another place you can check for the notification is in SmartLighting. Open the ST app and load SmartLighting. Select “New Lighting Automation” and then “Which devices do you want to control”. See if you can find your notification there.

That was it. You the man!

I originally did this way back in 2019.

When groovy goes bye bye, is it possible to have the same pulsing effect when using the local smartthings smart lighting options?

Glad you got it going. That’s what I meant when I said finish setting the notification up but I should have been clearer and we would not have gone through all of this, lol.

I’m not 100% certain but I believe the LED effects are baked into the switch’s firmware, so whether you are using a Groovy device handler or the Edge drivers when they are fully implemented should not matter.

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