LZW30-SN - "ON" LED doesn't stay lit up more than 5sec

I also have a few GE On / Off switches and I thought I had seen that both the GE and the Inovelli have similar settings, but now indeed, I cannot find that setting anymore for the Inovelli ones.

I noticed the 1st issue about 3 days ago; I checked 3 other Inovelli On / Off switches (all red series), and yes all of them are doing it now.

Hey @BDRRR – sorry, not sure why my post didn’t send, but could you share your IDE settings for one of the Inovelli switches? I’d like to see a few things. Here are the instructions: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/how-to-find-your-device-info-for-troubleshooting-smartthings

I just need the Device Info page if possible.

This is definitely a first!

Also to be clear, it’s just the LED bar that turns off, correct? Not the entire light?

Hi @Eric_Inovelli,
Yes, it is just the LED of the ON / OFF Switch, the actual lights work fine. The LED stays ON for about 3 to 4 secs, then goes dark - while the attached fixture lights are fine. I can film it if you want. Btw, it happens with switches on single pole and 3 ways (I have GE add-ons for my 3 ways).

Here is the Device Info page in PDF format:

@Eric_Inovelli & @Bry I just ran a test:

  • with the setting “LED Strip Intensity (When OFF)…” is at 0%, the issue is there, the LED doesn’t remain ON more than 3-4 secs while the lights are ON.
  • with the setting “LED Strip Intensity (When OFF)…” is at 10%, it is fine, no issue, the LED remains ON.

I just tried on 3 of my switches.

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@EricM_Inovelli – seems like a bug?

You mentioned “LED Strip Intensity”, but I believe the manual refers to it as “LED Indicator Intensity” on the LZW30-SN and “LED Strip Intensity” on the LZW31-SN. Are you sure you are referring to the LZW30-SN (On/Off switch) and not the LZW31-SN (Dimmer switch)?

The LZW31-SN has a configuration setting that behaves similar to what you are experiencing. If the “LED Strip Intensity” (Config Parameter 14) is set to 0, there is a separate config parameter “LED Strip Timeout” (Config Parameter 17) that will allow the LED Strip to turn on for a few seconds every time you change the brightness.

@BDRRR This is a known issue with firmware 1.11 or below. The engineers carried over the dimmer parameter for LED Strip Timeout that @jtronicus mentioned to the switch when it was not supposed to be included. I believe it is fixed in 1.16+ but I will double check.

A work around is to set parameter 9 on the switch to 0.

Edit: I see you are on SmartThings but the parameter is supposed to be automatically applied with our device handler. Can you confirm which device handler you are using?

Edit2: Can you let me know the date on the device handler you are using (towards the top of the code)?

Is this the right firmware version? I am on the 1.17 beta firmware for the On/off switch. I thought 1.35 was for the dimmer.

LOL, you are right. I’m mixing up my devices. I’ll fix it.

Now that you mention it, I remember seeing something like that with a LZW30-SN. I remember tinkering with the LED Off value and had issues, I think with the LED staying on when the connected light was on. Didn’t think much of it at the time and just factory reset the switch. I have stayed away from touching the Off intensity setting since then.

I have created a KB article for this issue.

It is definitely the LZW30-SN.
My “LZW30-SN” On / Off switches have “LED Strip Intensity + long text” while my “LZW31-SN” dimmer switches only say “LED Strip Intensity".

Hi @EricM_Inovelli , here is the info


  • Inovelli Switch Red Series
  • Author: Eric Maycock (erocm123)
  • Date: 2019-10-10

and then

metadata {
definition (name: “Inovelli Switch Red Series LZW30-SN”, namespace: “InovelliUSA”, author: “Eric Maycock”, vid: “generic-switch”) {

Ok I see that I am using a very old device handler by looking at this changelog (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli/master/devicetypes/inovelliusa/inovelli-switch-red-series-lzw30-sn.src/inovelli-switch-red-series-lzw30-sn.groovy)

[Edit 1] I just updated both my DH for LZW30-SN and LZW31-SN with the latest version. Is there a way to have the DH auto updates when you publish the new versions?

I wish; I usually just check github every couple of weeks or wait until I see a change from @bcopeland to go download the new one. (I’m using hubitat, but feel the answer is the same). Correct me if I’m wrong ST users.

It would be really nice if it alerted you of an update (vice automatic pull and break things).

Yeah, you can paste over the top and save/publish. After you do that though, go into each device, then go into the preferences, and then hit “save” (or change one of the options there). This will make sure the proper configuration gets pushed out. I don’t think there is an automatic way, but you can at least use a quicker method if you add the Inovelli github into your IDE.

Then, when in the device handlers section of the IDE, you can click “Update from Repo” > Choose our repo > then choose the device handler you want to update.

Edit: Do you mind if I mark the KB post as the solution for this thread?

@harjms We are integrated into the Hubitat Package Manager community project that can alert you and automatically download updates (if you choose):


Had no idea!!! Thanks @EricM_Inovelli

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@EricM_Inovelli Sounds good! Thanks for all the help

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Hi @EricM_Inovelli sorry to bother you again with this but I am facing a small issue right now:
with the new ST App, I get the below, where my newly installed LZW31-SN switch gets the power meter feature etc, but the old LZW31-SN switches dont.

This is what I see:

[Edit 1] These are screenshots of the new ST app showing no power meter on some switches; when I use the old ST app, all my switches have the Power meter etc.

Is this related to the DH handler? To cache on the ST New App?

[Update 1] @EricM_Inovelli nevermind, this helped me fix it: LZW31-SN Power info not displaying in Smartthings?

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Awesome, glad you got it figured out!

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