LZW31-SN Power info not displaying in Smartthings?

OK, Not sure what’s happening here. I have 4 LZW31-SN dimmers right now, and two of them show the power meter and energy consumption in the device properties in the app, while the other two do not. They are all using the correct device handler as far as I can tell, and the history on them all shows the power meter and energy consumption data. Am I missing something here? Is there an easy way to re-add the power and energy info to the device properties again?

Other than that little nit, I am loving these dimmers!


Can you post up what device type and handler is being used for the 4 devices?

The power meter showing in the new app is a somewhat recent addition to the ST DTH. Try going into the Groovy IDE, going to the device not showing, flip the DTH to one of the standard ones, save, then flip it back to the inovelli DTH and save again. Then force close the new ST app, manually turn on the switch and re-open the app.

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That did it! Thanks!

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