LZW30-SN zwave exclusion cross-talk?

I’ve seen this happen on two different switches in multi-gang boxes. When I triple tap the config button to enter exclusion mode, the LED on the switch next to it also goes green. Has anyone else seen this behavior or know why it happens?


That’s a new one to me.

Yeah this is wild - @EricM_Inovelli wrote up a Knowledge Base article here about it (I’m assuming you were the inspiration)!


Thanks for this. This inspires a bit more confidence.

I wonder if the odd factory reset behavior I saw is also based on whether the switch is part of a network? Notice how the led color (which was set at the switch) doesn’t go back to the factory default color. Nor does it flash red multiple times.


I wouldn’t expect it not being part of a network to matter, but I may go try that out. I don’t have to factory reset that way, but I have a hard time trusting the firmware resetting to default settings on exclusion, if it doesn’t reset using the local method.

It’s likely because you have vertical screws :rofl:

Kidding, that’s really weird behavior – it shouldn’t turn to a different color.

@EricM_Inovelli – check this out when you get a second. Could be something to keep an eye on.

Looks like the switch isn’t doing a factory reset if it is not part of a network. I guess it assuming it is already reset, but it doesn’t take into account when you set a configuration parameter at the switch.

I tested doing an exclusion in this state, and that does cause it to factory reset and change the color back to default.

I’ll make note of this bug for the firmware team.