LZW31 Dimmer 3-way switch not working with Homeseer

Hello, I wired up a LZW31 Dimmer 3-way switch with a Homeseer HS-WA100+.

I can turn it on and off at the LZW31 just fine, however I cannot turn it on from the WA100. However, the WA100 is capable of turning off the light though. In fact, the WA100 turns off the light regardless if you press the top or the bottom switch.

I also tried wiring it to a dumb switch and wasn’t able to get that to work either. I only moved to the companion switch since I wasn’t able to get the dumb switch to work.

From what I can tell, the companion switch wiring is pretty straight forward with just the neutral and the traveller so few mistakes can be made here.

Has anybody else experienced problems getting 3-way switching to work with the LZW31 dimmer?

UPDATE: I tried it with a Homeseer WD100+ Dimmer, wired in the exact same way. It works. I’m pretty sure this is something wrong with the LZW31. Is there an easy way to inspect the configuration? I did change it to aux switch when I installed it.

Good morning @zhaoz and welcome to the community!

Sorry for the short response as I’m on mobile, but did you change the “AC Power Control” and, “Switch Type” when you installed it?

The symptoms sound like this may not have worked.

There’s a wiring insert in the box that can walk you through it, but essentially, you’ll need to change Parameter 12 to, “Neutral” or, “Non-Neutral” and Parameter 13 to, “Momentary”.

What Hub are you using? We can also change it via a device handler or driver if you have ST or Hubitat.

Hang in there, we’ll figure it out!

I had this same issue. My setup is the inovelli dimmer with a dumb 4 way and 3way. I have a line at the box with the dimmer and the load at the dumb 3 way and all boxes have neutrals. I could not get the switches to work with each other by setting the parameters manually at the switch. I finally got them mostly working after going into the Hubitat and setting all the parameters there.

I finally got it working by setting the neutral parameter and the switch type parameters (12 and 13). I thought I had set those during the initial setup but it didn’t work.

That said, it has been slightly flaky. I had two of these dimmers in the same box controlling different lights and it seemed like what worked before stopped working afterwards. I had one set to dumb switch and another set to aux. The aux pair was working until I put in another unit paired to a dumb switch in. I swapped the aux paired unit with the homeseer and things work now. I’ve spent many hours playing around with this and I’m glad something is working now.

That said, I did notice that there was some buzzing in my recessed lighting with the LZW31 but not with the WD100+.

As for for hub, i’m using home assistant.

Thanks for responding!

Bumping this to note that I have the LZW31-SN paired with a GE 12723 Add-on switch in the non-neutral wiring per the wiring guide. I have changed parameters 22 to “non-neutral” and 23 to “momentary” at the hub (Home Assistant with updated OZW config) and both directions on the add-on paddle turns the lights off.

I have another red series dimmer to a dumb-switch, configured at the hub that is working correctly.