LZW31 dimmer in single-pole, neutral switch wired to recessed LEDs flickering like crazy!

Replaced Lutron Maestro CL LED dimmer switch for Red Series dimmers and these dimmers are giving me lots of problems. Connectivity isn’t an issue - I am able to control seamlessly with SmartThings but I am experiencing:

  • Very high minimum light level. With the Lutron I could get the LEDs to a very faint glow. With the Inovelli minimum level is like 27%, which is quite bright. And sometimes it is inconsistent going up and going down. Meaning if the light is off, it won’t turn on until 35%. But if the light is ON, I can lower to 27% before it turns off completely.
  • Flickering!!! At 100% and also at random power levels throughout. In the 50s, in the 80s, multiple points in which the light flickers. Sometimes a slow flicker, sometimes a strobe!
  • Very “stepped” dimming. I got a very smooth, gradual dimming with the Lutron switches. With the Inovelli you can clearly see the light stepping up and down in brightness.

I’ve installed 2 so far - my house is equipped with the same LEDs throughout. 4" and 6" Sunco lighting recessed LEDs. (https://www.amazon.com/Sunco-Lighting-Recessed-Downlight-Installation/dp/B01N1GCG8R/) and I experienced the above issues in both installations. Neutral in both locations, 4x13 watt LEDs for each.

I would rather not replace all the LEDs in my house. I’m going to try buying the bypass and seeing if that helps… but this is rather disappointing! I had high hopes for these switches. Anyone experience the same?

Which Hub?
I’m on Hubitat, I had a flicker Issue and what I found is that when I told the driver I had a neutral it did not save it in the switch.
You can set by hand at the switch
Or use the Hubitat provided Basic Z-wave tool.

I also have issues with LEDs not going as dim as I could get them with my Maestro or Leviton dimmers. Not sure what is happening there, perhaps a different method of dimming is being used.
Agree with the pronounced stepped dimming - have that too.

There are min and max level setting you can adjust for dimming. In hubitat go to the device and there is a few boxes that talk about the dimming leve of brightness, for low and high. Now log. To take to dim ect… I had an extra dimmer but needed a standard on off as the lights dont like dimmers and inwas able to chage it to instant on and off basically turned it into an on off switch. These are highly customizable. But you have to read each box of options.

Hope that helps you both.

Smartthings. I don’t think it’s an issue with the hub or connectivity. I can control the light and all settings using the app. It’s the switch itself and it’s interaction with the LEDs.

I picked up n Aoetec bypass and wired it at the switch, between load and neutral (to act as an additional load) and unfortunately it did not fix any of the issues. Looks like these Inovelli switches are incompatible with the LEDs I have.

It anyone needs 4 new Red Series dimmers please message me! :sweat_smile: