LZW31 not working with GE 30878

I have finally got this working after having the LZW31 replaced after first one died. The issue is the GE add on doesn’t work correctly. I can’t get it to turn the light one. It will turn off but worried something is going to die again. I have it set up as Neutral and 3-way mon(sorry can’t remember the term) in the settings. Any help would be great (and make wife happy).

I’m not sure which model GE add-on’s I have … but I had issues getting them to work through the driver settings; I ended up setting them up with the config button directly on the switches; they worked perfectly right away with that approach.

Which model GE Aux are you using? 30878 isn’t an aux switch model number.

Sorry about that I read the wrong number off the box it is a 46199 GE Add On Switch.

Is this one that we worked on before? Are you confident it’s wired properly?

Also, what @kitt001 said. Set the parameters at the switch. Move them to the improper parameter then put them back.

I think you did help me before. I hired a Electrician to come out and he worked from the diagram you provided. The only odd thing is the GE add-on 46199 that was installed didn’t use a neutral wire as per diagram. But we did use it for the Inovelli switch.

How was it connected?


Box B:
Inovelli Dimmer
2-wire: Black to Load, White to Line
3-wire:Wire nut on the white; it’s not used. Black to Line, Red to Traveler

Box A:
Aux switch (GE Enbrighten Add-On #12723, #46199 or HomeSeer Add-On #HS-WA100+)
Wire nut on the white; it’s not used. Black to Neutral, Red to Traveler

But the election did use white neutral wire from Inovelli switch I believe.

The Aux doesn’t use a neutral. Even though the terminal is labeled neutral, it is the hot sent from the other switch that is connected to it. The only other connection is a traveler connected between the traveler terminals on the two switches.

I don’t understand how you used a neutral at the switch because you don’t have one. Your neutral is at the light only. I recognize the diagram and instructions you posted above as mine from the prior post. If your electrician followed the diagram and the instructions I gave you previously, then there will not be a conductor in the neutral terminal on the Inovelli.

Check your parameter 21 and 22 settings. 21 should be 0, no neutral, not 1, neutral as you posted. 22 should be 2, Multi Aux.