LZW31 (Red Series Dimmer v2)

I’m having problems with a LZW31 in 3 way configuration. Here are some details.

  • Hubitat
  • LZW31 in 3 way configuration
  • Line and load in box
  • Neutral
  • Dummy toggle switch on other end
  • Local Control disabled in Hubitat
  • When I tap up, lights come on but sometimes the relay clicks, lights go off.
  • When I tap down, lights go off but you can hear the relay click
  • Sometimes when I tap down the relay clicks and the led lights from red to green to blue and the relay clicks again.
  • When I flip the dummy switch on, nothing happens but flipping it off the relay clicks on the LZW31 and the LED goes red, greed then blue.

I spoke with Inovelli briefly on FB and they suggested changing options 21/22 (neutral config/3 way config) to something else, saving it then changing it back and thus far the same thing happens. I’ve tried disabling the relay locally by tapping config 8 times, led blinks red but the same things happen, relay clicks when you press down.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Do you also have issues when controlling the switch using the Hubitat, or just direct interaction with the switches?

Direct interaction with it I believe.

Actually the relay click from control in Hubitat and local control of the switch. I selected Down x1 and this time the relay started clicking and never stopped. It would cycle through red, green then blue over and over clicking the whole time. I cut the power to it for now.

That behavior doesn’t sound good to me. Do you also have this problem when the local control is enabled? I’ll admit I haven’t bothered disabling local control on any of my switches thus far.

@anon64478871 or @Eric_Inovelli may have some additional information on the light cycles and what’s up.

@amdbuilder Yes the same behavior when local control is enabled.

Can you verify how you wired the LZW31 to the 3-way switch? Just want to rule out any wiring issues.

We’re having similar issues with LZW31 and two dumb switches. Worked fine for a while then degraded before manual control completely died (could still use via Hubitat though). Inovelli RMA’D (great service) and now that one is degrading too. Haven’t changed any parameters in Hubitat ( new one isn’t even paired yet).

I know this is a pretty old thread, but just thought I’d chime in for anyone who comes across this in the future.

I was seeing almost exactly the same behavior, except for me turning the light on worked no problem, but when turning off it would blink red, green, blue and the relay would click then cycle n times until it didn’t blink colors, but you’d hear the relay and it would shut off properly. For me I had it on a non-neutral 3 way with an aux switch, but the aux wasn’t working at all, although I’d set the config options appropriately.

This is all on a circuit that I had an LZW31 on before and it was working good. I bought an LZW31-sn because I wanted scene control there, and that brand new switch was doing this…

There’s another thread on here that suggests changing the max/min limits around, but that didn’t really do it for me. Changing the min level to 45% seems to have stopped it resetting itself after turning the lights off, but the aux switch still wasn’t working.

For me the solution was to unpair from the zwave network, and do a factory reset on it. (Hold config button for 20 seconds until red). After doing that and reconfiguring it everything seems to be working brilliantly.


Hopefully this helps if anyone else comes across this.