LZW31-SN + 1.48 + 3-way turning off by itself

I upgraded all my dimmers to 1.48. Everything works fine and I can use the new options like 700ms delay toggle and the white LED.

I have about 15 of these. The only anomaly is the 3 that are in 3 way settings (dumb switches on the other end).

For the dimmers in 3 way, they turn on normally when the dumb switch is toggled. If I use the dimmer end to turn them on, they ramp to 100% and then immediately turn off!

I’ve been able to mitigate by setting the max level to around 90, but sometimes that just delays them turning off for a random amount of time. Again, they never turn off if the dumb switch was used.

Did something change between firmwares that means I need to update some setting? They all worked perfectly for 6+ months before upgrading.

I have the same issue. Also mine stopped dimming completely (only the two ones I have in two separate 3-way setups, the other dimmers (non 3 way) work.

Reverting to 1.47 did not fix tue issue.

Hey guys, just wanted to confirm - did you update both the .otz and .bin file (ie: Target 0 and Target 1)?

If so, can you shoot a quick video for us?

@Eric_Inovelli as confirmed in the other thread, reverting to 1.47 and flashing both (otz and bin) fixes the issue.

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Yep flashed both. Will get a video.

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I was having this exact problem with the v1.35 firmware that was shipped … one of the recommendations in the community was to update firmware to 1.48, which I just did and I’ve been going through each 3-way (10 or so out of 50) to update firmware.

@Eric_Inovelli - has there been confirmation on what is causing this issue with 3-way lights? My wife is about ready to kill me with all these red series dimmers having issues in our new house.