LZW31-SN 3 Way Strange Behavior - Odd voltage readings

Thank you @PJF the directions you provided worked and moving the dimmer to no neutral, mulit-switch aux makes it work perfect.

Would you prefer I make another post for the other box(s) having issues or troubleshoot here on that one? This is new room with new wiring.

Dumb switch is one on left

Thank you so much again(but I think my wife will be even happier now that these ones are working!)

That one appears to be wired correctly.

Check that the black from the 2-conductor romex goes to the line on the Inovelli.

Check that the red and black from the left 3-conductor romex go to the traveler terminals on the dumb switch and that the other black wire goes to the common terminal.

We will go over and check that right now!

If you are up for one more here is one that works now but I would like to move the Inovelli switch to where the dumb switch currently is

Again, I can’t say how thankful I am with your assistance to get those two switches working!

In the big box
Hot wire to the “neutral” of the aux switch and to the black of the 3-conductor.
Traveler of the aux switch to the red wire.
White wire gets connected to the load hot conductor.

In the small box,
Black wire to the line.
White wire to the load.
red wire to the traveler.

Inovelli set to no neutral and aux switch.

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Two for two! Checking last one now!

What was done wrong on the second one???