LZW31-SN as on/off switch

I hooked up my first red dimmer in a non-neutral configuration on my workbench last night. Figured I’d work out the kinks before installing upstairs. I set the non-neutral mode via the config button and then paired to my ST v3 hub. I set parameter 1 and 2 to zero. Tapping the up/down on the paddle results in the expected on/off behavior. If I hold the down button the light turns off after a few seconds. If I then tap the up button nothing happens. I expected the light to turn on. I needed to tap the down button before tapping the up button.

DH version is 9/21. Bulb is a 43W incandescent. ST reports firmware 1.47. I did not verify with zwave stick.

TLDR: Tap up turns on. Tap off turns off. Hold down results in bulb turning off after a few seconds? Need to tap down again before tapping up to turn on bulb.

Edit: fixed bulb wattage

Edit2: Not sure I actually put the desired goal. I want the dimmer to function as an on/off switch. Tap up turns the bulb on. Tap down turns the bulb off. Hold up turns bulb to full brightness. Hold down turns off/dims bulb to 0.

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Not quite. If you hold down button, light dims down to 1%, but with zero ramp time, so it appears to switch off. Then when you push the up paddle, it doesn’t turn on because it thinks it’s already on.

Easy fix- use a hub event. IF the down paddle is held, THEN turn the light off.

Is it possible to disable dimming from the parameters? I don’t need any scene control or other fancy features. Just a simple on/off switch.

If it is dimmed should I be able to hold the up button to turn the light on? I forget if I tried last night. I can’t check again until tonight.

I’d suggest a few settings

I think the main answer is Parameter 52 set to 1- that’s Smart Bulb Mode, it was added in firmware 1.47, and basically means if the light is on it’s outputting full power without dimming.

You should also do-
Parameter 1 thru 4 should all be 0 (all related to ramp rate)
Parameter 9 and 10 should both be 99 (default level on turning on the light locally and remotely)

I’ll try tonight and post my results. Thanks!

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@Chris I set the parameters as you recommended. Tapping the down button doesn’t do anything. Holding the down dims/turns off bulb. Tapping or holding up turns on bulb.

When the bulb is ‘off’ from holding down paddle, what is the LED bar doing? Is it uniformly dimly lit (indicating the dimmer is off), or is it just lit at the bottom (indicating it’s at 1%)?

Looks like it’s off. Check out the video. The switch actually reboots several times during video. Bulb wiring and bulb images are attached for reference too.

Config from ST. Switch is paired with S2 security if it matters.

Name Type Value
debugEnable boolean
disableLocal enum
disableRemote enum
enableDefaultLocalChild boolean
enableDefaultZWaveChild boolean
enableDisableLocalChild boolean
enableDisableRemoteChild boolean
infoEnable boolean
parameter1 number 0
parameter10 number 99
parameter11 number
parameter12 number
parameter13 enum
parameter13custom number
parameter14 enum
parameter15 enum
parameter16-1a enum
parameter16-1b enum
parameter16-1c enum
parameter16-1d enum
parameter16-2a enum
parameter16-2b enum
parameter16-2c enum
parameter16-2d enum
parameter16-3a enum
parameter16-3b enum
parameter16-3c enum
parameter16-3d enum
parameter16-4a enum
parameter16-4b enum
parameter16-4c enum
parameter16-4d enum
parameter16-5a enum
parameter16-5b enum
parameter16-5c enum
parameter16-5d enum
parameter17 enum
parameter18 number
parameter19 number
parameter2 number 0
parameter20 number
parameter21 enum 0
parameter22 enum
parameter3 number 0
parameter4 number 0
parameter5 number
parameter51 enum
parameter52 enum 1
parameter6 number
parameter7 enum
parameter8 number
parameter9 number 99

@EricM_Inovelli do you have any suggestions?

Your parameter 22 should be 0. That’s what it is by default, but since it’s not displayed that suggests it hasn’t been set manually. Try setting it explicitly to see if that makes a difference.

I set parameter 22 to 0 as recommended. Found something very strange. With the light off and the dimmers page open in the ST’s app, I tap up on the switch and the light turns on. The app still shows the light as off(doesn’t matter how long i wait). If I press up again the app now shows the correct state. Then I tap down and both the app and light show off. This is repeatable. This explains why if I tap up, light turns on, then tap down nothing happens.

@stu1811 just to give you a point of reference. I don’t see that. It works as expected for me, but I’m using Hubitat, not SmartThings.

Setting the “Smart Bulb Mode” (Parameter 52) disables the dimming function on the directly connected load, but the LED status bar still dims and the switch still reports dimming events and levels to the hub. But the directly connected light turns full on / full off with tap up / tap down like a non-dimming switch.

What other parameters do you have set? Non neutral or neutral?

I excluded the device, performed factory reset, paired, configured params, and now it seems to be working.

Edit: It still reboots every now fairly often

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Have you updated the firmware in the switch? Note that some of the Inovelli firmware updates have TWO files you need to flash to the switch. (a .otz file and a .bin file)

Switch was a recent purchase and came with 1.47 firmware. I did not flash it yet. Thought about trying the 1.48. And yes I know there are 2 chips.

I would use the config options inside of SmartThings and not use the config button to program the switch. Plus, if you set the config parameter and then do the inclusion it is likely the config parameter will be overwritten.

For the rebooting that is something I haven’t seen. I wonder if using a different bulb would make a difference.

I’ll search around for some different bulbs. I plan on buying a bypass to try with my legs. I reset all the config options after pairing.

Sounds good, let us know how it goes.