LZW31-SN Can't set brightness below 50%

I bought 3 LZW31-SN Reds a few months ago and finally got around to changing out my old GE / Leviton switches in my first floor with these. I have one setup as a standalone switch controlling 5 LED Hi-Hats. I have the two others setup in a 3-way with dumb switches each controlling 5 and 6 LED Hi-Hats respectively. I can control the switches via google home through Home Assistant, and when attempting to set the brightness, anything below 50% is off.

The one switch in the 3-way configuration would turn off after about 5-6 seconds if the brightness was above 80%. There are quite a few threads on that, but I decided to just set the upper limit of the brightness to 80% to counteract this as true 100% is too bright for my taste anyways.

I’ve been unable to find any threads on the below 50% causing the lights to turn off, and was hoping someone might have some ideas on why this would be happening. My old GE / Leviton zwave switches, I could set the lights to about 10% and still see them providing the smallest bit of light.

Thanks for any help!

Did you set the minimum brightness to >50%?

I did not. But wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? 50% is pretty bright.

Correction, I think the min brightness is 45. I have my bulbs set to 40% on some because a) they don’t turn on below 20% b) some lights don’t need to be dimmed that low.

Strange it won’t go below 50%. Which hub you using?

I’m using Homeassistant to control my zwave devices, running via Docker on an Ubuntu Server.