LZW31-SN Can't set parameter 13 over zwave

Got 2 new red series dimmers. Saw the problem with persistent notification so I figured I’d attack it from a different angle so I tried changing the colors of the LED with parameter 13 for the LED Indicator color. Whenever I try setting the value to, say 80, it doesn’t take affect, it keeps the default 170.

I can set every other parameter over zwave. I’ve done 1,5, 11, 14, 15, even 16 after looking at the calculator for figuring out that notification, but not 13.

Please fix either allowing it to take 13 over zwave or fix the persistent notifications disappearing on paddle interaction (ie turning on/off the light).

Thank you.

Hi Chad – I think you may be having trouble with parameter 13 because it’s a 2 byte parameter (not 1 – it seems that there’s a typo in the manual). Try setting it with a 2 byte value and see what happens.


Thanks Dave. It does work for me if I use 2 bytes. That will definitely get me by until the permanent notifications for it are resolved. Thanks again.

Glad I could help.