LZW31-SN - Connecting Multiple Travellers to the Switch


In multi-way installations using an LZW31-SN switch, is it possible/recommended/typical to use both of the “wire holes” on the back of the switch to accommodate multiple travellers?

Yes it is but, both wires should be the same size (i.e. not a #14 and a #12) Also the two wire holes for the “Line” should not be used to carry current to another circuit.

When you say “both holes” are you referring to both holes at one position, such as the two holes labeled “traveler” or “load” or “line” etc?

Three-way wiring has two travelers where the power is toggled back and forth via switch throws. If you are referring to those, one gets connected to the terminal labeled “traveler” and the other to the terminal labeled “load”. Don’t put both travelers on the terminal labeled “traveler”.

That’s true, but it would be incredibly unusual for there to be 14 gauge and a 12 gauge wiring on the same run. Plus, I don’t think a #12 will fit into the hole, you’d have to use the screw.

I disagree. If you mean to another run on the same circuit, that’s exactly why there are two holes there. It allows you to daisy-chain hots, which reduce the number of pigtails in the box. Since box capacities are calculated by the number of wires and devices in a box, having less pigtails is a plus. Plus, it makes the box less crowded, which is important with smart switches that take up more room.

In my statement “another circuit” as in not the same circuit, I discourage folks from running the hot wire from say a foyer light through the dimmer “holes” to say the garage feed.

Thanks, @JohnRob and @Bry, I sincerely appreciate your help with our questions.

@Bry, regarding the question about “both holes”, yes, I was referring to the two holes at each corner of the back of the smart switches- two holes at each for each of the connection points you described. I was asking as a general question, as we have not yet finished installing all of our switches, and some of our switch boxes are rather crowded.

In a normal 3-way configuration, you would only use one of the two holes for the load Load and Traveler back-stabs. Although wiring configurations will vary, typically the two traveler wires go to one each. You might use both back-stab holes labeled Line, depending on whether or not you are daisy-chaining hots in the box.