LZW31-SN Consistent Power Reading with Dimmer

Hi all,

I just installed my 6th of 7 of the Red dimmers. This one is the only one on a non-LED fixture. The fixture goes to a max of 420 W (7 bulbs, 60 W each). When I turn the switch on, no matter the dimming level, the reading that I’m getting on the power sensor is 4.2W. Does this indicate that my neutral isn’t hooked up properly? The switch is also moderately warm when the light is on.

I hooked up my multimeter (with the power off) and read the resistance between ground and neutral. It read 1.6 M ohms. I’m not positive, but I think that’s a big M, not a small m on the meter screen.


The resistance of 14 ga Romex is about 2.6 ohms per 1000 ft. So even accounting for the trip between the box and the breaker box and back, it shouldn’t be that high. Make sure there isn’t something else on that circuit that isn’t interfering with that reading.

I pulled the switch again. When I initially checked the resistance, I did it with the screws on the side. That was a mistake. I pulled the wires and checked the resistance between the actual wires and it was 0. I then checked a few spots in the circuit I could get to and it was fine (1.4 - 1.6 ohms), so I think I have a neutral connection issue in this particular fixture.

Bad news is this the fixture involves moving furniture, getting on a tall ladder, and using 5 hands to remove and remount. Of course that’s how it works!