LZW31-SN Flashing red bar

I have a chandelier light that I recently changed to LED. Total load of the LEDs is 30w. The red dimmer is wired with a neutral and I’ve verified that connection is good. 120v between live and neutral.

Unfortunately when I turn it on it ramps up the lights correctly and then when they’re at 75% it just starts flashing the red light bar madly and is non responsive until airgapped. I’d read that this was usually because the neutral wasn’t present - but it is and is configured correctly in the parameters too.

What could be going on?

Do you have a different brand of LED bulbs you can test with? It could be a bulb compatibility issue.

Is the illumination level at 75% sufficient?

If I throw in an incandescent in one of the bulb holders it’s fine.

I’ve ordered a bypass and will try that (maybe it’s not quite enough watts!? - though I didn’t think that was an issue when using a neutral).

Yep 75% gives plenty of light.

Yep, bypass might help. Not all that unusual even with a neutral installation. If you like those bulbs you can always set the max brightness at 75% to keep it from whacking out.

Cool thanks for the clarification. Hopefully all sorted with the bypass!