LZW31-SN HA Shows No Neutral

I replace a regular rocker switch with my new red series dimmer. Based on how the rocker was wired, I identified the line, load, and grounds. But there there was a white wire capped, unused, which I presumed was the neutral.

I hooked everything up, and the light switch works great. But after getting Home Assistant set-up, I see now that in the device configurations, it shows, “AC Power Type: No Neutral”.

Does this mean that wire wasn’t a neutral, or is that just a configuration option?

It is a configured option. It does not sense if the neutral is hooked up or not, you need to let the switch know either through using the config button or changing the param through HA.

Go ahead and switch it to neutral in HA and should be good to go.

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Ok, that’s good to know, thanks @BuilderTroy.

Now a paranoid question… I’m thinking of replacing that switch with a fan/light combo that requires a neutral. I’m in a 100-year old NYC apartment and don’t really trust we have modern standards here. Is there a way to check if that really is a neutral wire before hooking up a fan and putting the new switch in?

There may not be a neutral in the switch box, but definitely will be one at the fan. With the LZW36, you’ll be able to send neutral down to the switch when you wire in the canopy.